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"Adults Having Fun, So Kids Want to Grow Up" - Hobart Brown

So you’re ready to get involved in the first ever Canberra Kinetic Sculpture Race? Fantastic! There’s a role for you! Whether you’re a spectator, volunteer, racer, or role-unidentified kinetinaut, we welcome you into the community with open arms and can’t wait to make friends.



Spectators have a long and colourful association with kinetic sculpture races. From the first race in 1969, audience members have been integral components of the glorious spectacle that is a race day. We encourage you to dress in costumes to compete for Best Costume, cheer on your favourite sculpture, and vote for Spectator’s Choice. Enter your email here to stay up-to-date, and join our Facebook community to connect with other kinetic enthusiasts.



Volunteers are the chains and gears on the frame of the race. Without them, the race wouldn’t go. A diverse range of volunteers are needed for this race: volunteer co-ordinator, merchandising, marketing, race co-ordination, and judging, just to name a few areas. If you’d like to help create this race, we’d love your help. Contact us below with ‘Volunteer’ as the subject line, and we’ll get back to you.



Your machine will be human-powered. Amphibious. Equipped with flotation and propulsion. It’ll have brakes. Some way to steer. And most of all, be an eye-catching, kinetically thrilling, creative work of art which brings glory to you and joy to others. Interested? Great! Need help building? A group of knowledgeable kinetic sculptors already exists in Canberra. Sign up to the Facebook page to connect with them, and ask your question there. Or check out this great document put together by racers in Baltimore, How to build a kinetic sculpture.


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